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Beware, i live! Muahahaha! Run, coward! Run! Run!

Beware, i live!

Vector-Polygondesign of a Sin Star. “Beware, i live! Muahahaha! Run, coward! Run! Run! Run!“

Arcade, Nerd, Vector, Sinistar, Videogame, Retro

 Design 1-7 / 7 (Mouseover)

1-7 / 7


In vectorgraphic games the objects are drawn directly by the electrobeam of the monitor on the screen and not line by line like others monitors are doing it. This creates a picture with lines and dots on a black background, which has its own charme. The advantage of this technique is that the objects can be rotated and scaled in unlimited ways, which wasn’t possible with the low resolution pixelsprites at this time. Successfull games of this era were ‚“Asteroids”, “Tempest”, and ‚“Battle Zone”. The “Vectrex” was the only Console, showing this kind of screen.

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GamerGirlsIn the new weekly show from the GamerGirls host Dai-Lee is wearing our KamaSutris T-Shirt. Furthermore they are presenting new-fashioned stuff like “Heavy Rain” and “Faible3”. ;)

Arcade-Freak or Noob?

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